You may be wondering why I would feature my own website in my portfolio since you are already seeing the site anyway? The reason is because there are some aspects of my site that are not readily apparent that I wanted to point out to you.

You may have noticed that my header image is different during the daytime then it is at night. In fact the header image shown is changed based on your computers clock as well as your detected location. People in Ecuador will see scenes from Cuenca, Ecuador whereas when viewed from outside of Ecuador one will see pictures of the Seattle, Washington skyline.

This is a simple implementation of this technology which uses fixed times for sunset and sunrise without considering what time of year it is. The daytime image shows from 8am to 6pm, the nighttime image from 7pm till 6am, the twilight image is shown from 6am till 8am and again from 6pm until 7pm. You can check it out yourself using the form below.

Location:       Hour:      

Conversion rates can be increased by customizing the content shown to each person based on their location and time zone. Picture for example a website for a restaurant in which the light level of the pictures of the restaurant is varies with the light level outside of the website visitor's window. In a world where everyone is in information overload a little gimmick like this is all it takes for your business to be remembered over your competition.

Automatically updated copyright date:
There are many possible conclusions one could come to when seeing an out of date copyright date on your website and none of them are good. Having an out of date copyright on your website makes you look just as unprofessional as going to an important business meeting with scuffed shoes and a wrinkled shirt. To avoid this we simply have the web server check the date every time the page is requested.

When I make you a website your control panel will have a "Company Profile" section in which there will be a field called "Year Founded". Here you put the date the business was founded or the copyright date of the oldest website content. If you have a new business with a new website and new content then the copyright date will just be the current year i.e. 2021 and when the next year rolls around it will show ©2021-2022.

There is a principle in programming known as the DRY principle (Don't Repeat Yourself). I make sure that redundant sections of your website are factored out into separate files so that changes can be easily made in one place. The source code for this very page you are reading now is generated using PHP code. The code for the menu and footer sections are contained in separate files. A website may have dozens or even hundreds of pages but if each page has commands like

Include header.php
Include menu.php
Include footer.php

then changing something in the footer.php file would cause the footers on all pages to show the new content. In the old days it was the norm for web designers to bill their clients to open up dozens of different files and make the same changes to each one of them when something simple like a change of an address or phone number had to be made. This kind of wasted time and extra expense are still issues today but are not as commonplace as they once were.

With a website made by me if you ever need to change something on your site such as your email, phone number, or address you won't have to worry about editing any code and can simply make the change in the Company Profile section of the control panel and it will instantly and automatically be applied to all the pages of the website.

Hiding emails from spammers:
Many of the things I do over and above the industry standard are never known about or appreciated by the customer. I do them anyway because they are things that are important to me as a professional. An example of one of those things is how I code websites to reduce exposure to spam emails.

There are automated programs called spam bots that crawl the World Wide Web looking for email addresses in web pages. The email addresses they find are added to large lists which spammers send junk emails to.

I encode email addresses in such a way as to make them invisible to spam bots. Below is what one of these programs sees when it looks at the bottom of this page where you see my email address:

<script type='text/javascript'>var a = new Array('','mikey99@webs','itesbymichae');document.write("<a href='mailto:"+a[1]+a[2]+a[0]+"'>"+a[1]+a[2]+a[0]+"</a>");</script>

The above code is in a language called JavaScript and when executed by your browser it combines the fragments in the right order and shows you the resulting email address. Spam bots are simple programs that can't execute complex code. By and large, these address harvesting web crawlers are about as intelligent as the spammers who use and develop them, which is to say not very. JavaScript is used primarily for visual effects in navigation menus and slide shows; it is not processed by spam bots.