Reckon Yourself, , is a website for promoting a new book. It allows potential readers to get a better idea of who the author is and what the book is about then they would be able to get otherwise and even allows them to download a free sample chapter. It also provides a platform for its author to publish additional writings related to the book. In this case the author chose to provide links to the publisher and to Amazon for purchasers of the book rather then having them purchase it directly from the website.

The home page of this website shows a different header image each day. Each day's image is chosen from over a dozen header images that were prepared for the site beforehand.

Reader reviews, the questions and answers in the Q and A section, and the author's commentary on the book of Romans can all be easily edited in the site's custom control panel.

This has been my first time making a website for a book and it has been a refreshing change to be able to get plenty of website content from the customer. Maintaining good rankings on the search engines is so much easier when you have a lot of quality content that is updated frequently.