Cuenca's Best Properties, , is a Real Estate agency in Cuenca, Ecuador that primarily serves English-speaking buyers. I did both the front end design and also programmed the functionality relating to the database driven inventory & content management system.

The website loads quickly and is cross-browser compatible. It automatically resizes to fit smaller screens such as those of tablets and cell phones to avoid having to pinch in and out and scroll side to side to see the page.

At the time of this writing this website holds 2 of the top 10 spots on the first page of Google's results for the clients preferred search phrase "Cuenca Real Estate".

It has a control panel that allows the content of the site to be easily updated even if the user does not have a lot of technical knowledge.

Clicking on the padlock takes you to the login screen for the password-protected control panel where the website is administered.

In this case the client decided to have the control panel be in Spanish. I normally make website control panels in either English or Spanish unless the client pays extra to have the control panel in more than one language.

As you can see from the image below there are many things that can be done from this main screen but today we are only going to look at a couple of the options.

Let's first take a look at the testimonials section.

The text of the testimonial must be entered first and then a picture may be added if desired. Mandatory fields are marked in red whereas optional fields are in black. I made this control panel back in 2014 but I now program most sites to also allow for a video testimonial to be included. The way the video testimonial works is that there is a field in the form where you can put a link to a YouTube video and the video will then be embedded in the testimonials page.

Testimonial pictures are automatically resized, centered, and cropped as needed. On this website a picture frame is added automatically to each testimonial picture. When it comes to picture processing I can do a lot of custom things such as generating thumbnail sized versions of images or imprinting watermarks into images.

There is a "Company Profile" section of the control panel where the client can change the company address, phone numbers, etc. Not only can they make these changes without hiring a web designer but they only have to make a change in one place and it is instantly changed on all pages of the website.

One key thing with websites is to have them be findable by potential customers on the major search engines.

This website and the underlying business would be of little value if it were not for its high ranking on search engines and the website being deliberately designed to convince prospective buyers to do business with them rather then any and all other options available. High SEO rankings rarely come about by accident and are almost always the result of deliberate Search Engine Optimization by an experienced website developer.