Cuenca Condos is a Real Estate agency in Cuenca, Ecuador that deals primarily with rentals. They have a dual language website,, which allows them to catch a larger share of the market. The layout of the website changes based on the resolution of the screen used to view it. Below is an image showing the layout as it appears to tablet users with medium resolution displays.

For multi-language websites that have inventory I prefer to have new inventory added mostly with check boxes and drop-down lists. This allows someone to add inventory easily even if they only speak one language and for the control panel to automatically provide accurate translations for those items. Unfortunately when it comes to titles and written descriptions there is not any way to perform accurate translations automatically.

One thing that helps with good positioning on search engines is the encoding of keywords and search phrases into the source code of the page. When adding a property the keyword fields are filled in automatically with default values and can then be added to or edited if desired. The end result is that the web pages generated for each property are optimized in such a way as to make them easier to find on the search engines.

Having an email newsletter allows clients and potential clients to be notified of new listings and for the agency to build a valuable list and maintain top of mind awareness.

Before implementing an online survey this agency was one of those businesses that had "too many customers"; more accurately, they were drowning in inquiries from people who never actually ended up renting anything. Requiring new clients to fill out a survey has helped to maintain both profitability and sanity by allowing real customers to distinguish themselves from the sea of unwashed masses. Real customers are people who are ready, willing, and able to do business with you today. They are the people who are often ignored by businesses that don't have time for them because they are busy talking to people who are not ready to take action, merely curious, or have unrealistic expectations about services, products, or prices.

When a survey on this website is filled out by a potential renter who has their boots on the ground and is ready to rent a property right away then I have programmed the site so that an email alert is sent out to Real Estate agents within 5 minutes.

Web forms allow important information to be collected in an efficient and organized manner. I can make custom web forms tailored to fit your specific needs.

One of the keys to a successful small business website is having it set up in such a way that your staff can make most of the updates on their own. Below are some screenshots of the control panel pages for managing additional users.

It is not ideal for you to spend your time entering inventory into the database if you have other people who can do that kind of work. My control panels are designed in such a way that you maintain control of the website while being able to grant varying levels of access to key employees.

On this website a person with the lowest user level, "Assistant", can load photos and descriptions of new properties into the control panel. These properties are not visible to the public until they are approved by someone with administrative permissions.

It only takes a few seconds for an administrator to review the work done by an assistant, make any necessary changes, and make the properties visible for the whole world to see.

The beauty of a system like this for commission-based businesses like Real Estate agencies is that new inventory can be added at no cost to the business owner. If and when a property is rented or sells then the listing agent will receive a portion of the commission.