Making Your Website Profitable


Michael Berger is a freelance website developer who specializes in converting your website visitors into actual paying customers.

There are 5 essential elements you must have to get maximum results from your website

1. Your website needs to be findable on the major search engines and integrated with your other marketing efforts.

If only your friends, family, and employees see the website then it really doesn't do you much good does it? Being on the search engines has an obvious benefit; it allows you to get new customers that you would not be able to get otherwise.

It is also a good idea to leverage your business cards, brochures, and other advertising to help drive potential customers to the website. You and your employees should not be wasting valuable time explaining the same things to each and every customer that walks thru the door. I wholeheartedly believe that a large portion of your interaction with the client can and should be automated.

2. When somebody goes to your website it must load instantly and work flawlessly regardless of whether the visitor is using an iPhone, Tablet, or computer.

Did you know that statistics show that cell phone Internet usage makes up between 5% and 15% of all Internet usage? 1 2 On top of that 195 million tablets were sold in 2013 alone3. Analysts are forecasting that Steve Job's prediction about tablet sales exceeding that of desktops and laptops is likely to come true in 2015. 4 5

3. People must be able to understand your product, service, or benefit to them within three seconds of opening the page.

They must see something compelling within those first three seconds or they're gone. Compelling does not mean having the same look as your competitors' websites, using cheesy stock photos, or making the same generic claims as everybody else in your industry.

Keep in mind that website visitors don't always come through the front door and land on your home page; often search engines will take them to some another page within your site such as an article from your blog.

4. The content of your website needs to convince potential customers to choose you over any and all other options available to them including doing nothing.

Your typical website visitor is not going to know anything about you or your business when they first get to your website. They tend to start out being skeptical of you and your claims. The website must be able to take them all the way from that initial state of distrust to taking action.

“Why should I do business with you rather than any and all other options available to me including doing nothing?”

5. Your website visitor must understand what the next step is, how to make it, and what to expect when they do.

The next step could be anything from signing up for an email newsletter to scheduling an appointment or making a reservation. Either way it needs to be clear what you are proposing that they do and what will happen when they proceed.

If you think I can help you grow your business with a new or re-designed website then the next step is to contact me for a free 20 minute consultation. After the initial consultation I will be able to send you a proposal with specific recommendations.

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